Mant¿s has found a lot of ways to create and support healing in their world and others, but her first love has always been writing. An artist that is Pittsburgh born, and Hill District raised, Mant¿s, performs, freelances, was the Poetry Editor for the Underground Pool, and an Editorial Assistant at Paperback Literary Journal. She has facilitated writing, performance and community organizing workshops with the Bill Nunn Theatre Outreach Project, 1hood Media, and the Tuesday Night Monologue Project with a focus on creative liberation for Black youth and Black femmes. Their time as a writer, a community organizer, and a performer has been guided by the values of healing and liberation, which constantly allows their work to take on many forms.

As an ever-evolving artist in need of practical solutions, they became self-taught in digital content creation, which includes social media strategy, graphic design, resume writing and web development. This paved the way for Mant¿s to become a self-empowered, community supported creative. Now, during her time as an Artist-in-Residence under the mentorship of Vanessa German, Mant¿s is focusing on art as a means of healing for herself. As a Black queer femme writer, Mant¿s has been moving into creating a business around holistic healing, and releasing their first full body of work.

Below you’ll find links to two interviews, and a PDF of Mant¿s’ full CV. Thank you for joining this part of the journey.

Boston Accent Lit Interview

Mad Poets Blog Interview