Published Writing

Gift me with a room

that sings like Kusama’s art,

covered with pink lungs

breathing wild like a chorus

of blooming carnations

“At Odds” featured in tender a literary anthology & book of spells: evidence

My currents cannot carry all the languages you cast into me.

“Out of the Atlantic/Ethiopian Ocean” featured in Issue 11 of Whirlwind Magazine

In one impromptu midweek re- plaiting session, with yanking, parting, and a very close brush-up with the hot comb, mother teaches me that God created personal space to guard against enemies. She teaches me I don’t have to fear my own space. At seventeen years old, I’m still unlearning the world’s doctrine of fear.

“No Missed Calls” featured in APIARY 9

The first time your tongue formed

the word dusk, it got tied beneath

the streetlight. You stuttered

“Too Much Licorice After Dark” (one of the two poems) featured in The L’Éphémère Review

If the mythos of science produced the progression to a linear truth, then the mythos of self creates a nonlinear truth.

From the Editor’s Note, as a Poetry Editor for The Underground Pool

Growing up, I knew there was a difference between being an adult, and being “grown.”

“Grown” featured in The Bridge Magazine

The trolley is dimly lit, filled with brown bodies. Their own planets. The sounds of bodies breathing, shifting and sustaining is absorbed into the white noise occasionally pierced by the screeching of ancient metal rails. Speeding ahead together, and within their own orbits.

“Back to the Underground” featured in Issue Two of Stanchion Zine

You ask me to wash

my hands, and I’ll show you a bath tub

full of soul

“Disembodied / Dis // Memory” featured Issue Three of Stanchion Zine

Performed Writing